Menno Daams’ Unaccounted Four

from left to right: Hijma, Daams, Lumeij, Lukács

The Unaccounted Four is a chamber jazz ensemble, playing classic jazz in updated arrangements.

The current setup is:

In May 2014 the CD “Playground” was recorded at the Pianola Museum, using only two microphones. Editing and postprocessing was kept to a minimum. The result is a pleasing, natural and open sound.

Menno Daams

“Playground” is available as a digital download on Amazon and on Apple’s iTunes Store.

You can also buy “Playground” as a CD at concerts or by dropping me a note here.

The Unaccounted Four is on YouTube and on Spotify.

You can listen to three of the tracks on Soundcloud.

Unaccounted Four live at the Breda Jazz Festival 2021