Equal Interval System

Menno Daams, Certified Teacher of EIS®, 20/05/2016.
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In August of 2013 I completed Lyle “Spud” Murphy’s course, the System of Horizontal Composition based on Equal Intervals — or EIS (Equal Interval System). The course teaches composition and arranging in an unconventional way: the emphasis is on technique rather than style or history. Another unique aspect of the course is, that it is only being taught individually in a direct teacher/student relationship.

I cannot begin to describe what this system has done for me musically.

Here are some examples of what I have written using my newly acquired skills.

Currently, there are only a few people in the world who are certified to teach EIS and who were tutored by Spud, who died in 2005. Until recently, if you wanted to take the course, you had to go to one of these senior teachers (although you still can of course!).

But now, three new teachers have been appointed and I am very happy and proud to announce that I am one of them (the other two being Matt Gibbs and Gary Atkins).

If you want to study EIS with me or with somebody else, contact Spud’s daughter Lilith through the EIS website (link below).

Links: temporary Equal Interval System website (the new one should go online in August 2016)

Two-part interview with Spud Murphy

Memorial page for David Blumberg, my first teacher

Website of Dell Hake, my second teacher after David died in 2010